The Asian Experience

The range of amazing experiences that Asia has to offer is limitless!

Go skiing in Japan with your friends at Mt Niseko or Hakuba, view the amazing and enduring beauty of the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, or go swimming and snorkelling in Thailand's Koh Samui - the options are truly unlimited!

Travel to Asia now, and experience the natural beauty, the wonderful culture and amazing history that all of its countries have to offer!

Popular Destinations



One of the most beautiful, historically and culturally rich, and mysterious countries in our world is no other than China itself. A country embedded with layers of natural beauty, tradition and wild experiences, it truly is a place that one must visit at least once. Meet a country with amazing sites such as the Great Wall, the West Lake, Huangshan and many more spectacular landmarks available to those looking for an incredible trip!

Experiences in China



A country renowned for tropical beaches, a wild night life, mouth watering food and an exotic culture, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to a range of people from across the word. Whichever holiday you're looking to undertake, Thailand will appeal to all, as it is one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world, with amazing places such as its capital Bangkok, the Grand Palace and its breath taking tropical islands.

Experiences in Thailand



A hub of technology, history, food and culture - Japan. One of the most attractive countries across the world, Japan, has something for everybody! Snowfields in the mountains of Niseko and Hakuba, grand cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, historically rich landmarks such as Todai Ji and Nijo Castle. If you're looking for a holiday filled with new experiences try Japan, you won't be disappointed!

Experiences in Japan



The spectacular of Malaysia is one of the rapidly expanding tourist destinations in the world, with a wave of experiences and sites to choose from, among its tropical beaches and forests, luxurious cities, dynamic markets and calm costal towns. Visiting Malaysia is an experience that offers the full range of destinations, appealing to all types of travellers. Choose Malaysia for your next holiday, and immerse yourself in the paradise that the country offers. 

Experiences in Malaysia 


Hong Kong

One of the most prominent islands in the world - a financial and technological hub - Hong Kong, is slowly transforming to become one of the most popular destinations for tourists across the world. Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful areas where the rapidity of the city meets the natural beauty of the region, bringing a mix of both worlds that makes Hong Kong such an amazing destination for tourists. Come to visit to see for yourself the amazing and beautiful nature of the island!

Experiences in Hong Kong



Who knew one island could host such a large range of experiences for all sorts of travellers? Singapore is one of the most sought after destinations due to its incredible culture, city, and natural beauty, making it a place that allows for a range of activities. See some of the most breath taking views in the tropical climate, or wander throughout the city and markets taking in the dynamic nature of the place, either way Singapore will have something for you!

Experiences in Singapore

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