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How we are Losing the ‘Free World’ that Has Continued to Deteriorate Around Us


Western countries as of today like to believe that they live in a ‘Free World‘ a world that allows for the freedom of choice and speech. But is that really true? Often we are confined by our own devices, by the money that runs the world and by the politicians that control our society for the benefit of the top 1%. As of today, we all confine to societies rules and standards, living our life in a straight line without differentiation from any other person. We all are too afraid to stand out, that often we sink too low, and by sinking too low I mean becoming a centralised character. Becoming the ideal creation of the specific society and continuing to conform and blend into a society that is only black and white with no room for colour. As our world continues to deteriorate around us, shaping us all into the same person, none of are seem to be aware of it.


Today we analyse The Deterioration of the Free World and how we are stuck in our ways.



Stuck to the ‘routine’ of checking phones, checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Oh no I didn’t get enough likes, comments or shares! I must not be ‘cool’ or popular. Today thats the mindset that we continue to instil and infect in the minds of the future generations. Basing their self worth on a couple of digits that outlines not success, talent or academics but the popularity of that person. Let me tell you something very important. Likes do not define you.



You were meant to become a fireman, doctor, photographer, musician, writer or whatever your passion is. You were meant to show kindness and love and help those around you, to inspire and innovate, to succeed and fail. Funny isn’t it, that we define how successful someone is by a single letter. A – You’re great you will succeed, D – You’re a failure. How outdated – because behind that A or D is a real person, that could become the next Bob Dylan, Picasso, Steve Jobs. We look at our own world and see the continuation and enforcement of this system because according to our leaders – its working. 


The Exploitation of the Mainstream Society

Either way, the largest secret that companies are trying to cover up is that you are the slaves of them. They literally work you into delivering profit. Updating and coming out with a new product every 3 or so years, looking all shiny and new, literally forcing you to the point to buy or die. To go off the grid and not be a part of the ‘people’. But what if the ‘people’ aren’t even people, just zombies stuck to the work of exploiters. The comedy is in this situation, is that they know they control us. Nothing we do will deter us from using their new laptop, phone, TV. Wearing the ‘newest fashion‘. A pair of regular shoes, or a plain white shirt costing $80. But apparently its OK to spend that money, because if you don’t you’ll be committing social suicide, not fitting in or blending with the crowd.


The real fact of the matter is that while these companies that clothe us, make our shoes, decide the trends, set the bars. They all are looking to make for profit, not for passion. Wear anything you want, stand out a little, stop conforming to the common ideology that because you’re not wearing that tick or those three stripes that you’re worth less or that you’re less attractive. Be who you are, continue to amaze the world with your uniqueness and then we may be able to stop The Deterioration of the Free World and the cultivation of a larger mainstream society.



The real issue is that we have chained ourselves to the product that was intended to bring great ease to our lives. Our phones have in theory, become an attachment of our lives; a product that we as a people can not live without. Now our time is limited and as of 2017, many of us have become slaves to the phone, wasting time on social media and pointless pursuits instead of learning, innovating and inspiring. If we continue to neglect the problems of our world and conform the mainstream society that the top 1% has modelled, then how can we progress?


We are stuck, no one is doing anything differently nowadays, instead we all try to ‘fit in with the crowd‘. Society has killed the individuality and deteriorated the sense of self pride. We are chained to each other and no one is free. By connecting us all over the world, it has in sense stopping creation. Most of us now think down the same train of thought – that is the mainstream thought – and we cannot inspire others to create new things that are too far left or right to that of the ideal product.



The Cultivation of the Individual

The book 1984 put forward its own take on the situation, proposing that we have lost all sense of self thought or individuality. Now, the world may as well be in the same state. In both the book and in real life, there are multiple countries fighting with numerous and continuously changing alliances. So when do we draw the line? The line that encourages people to be different. As of now, there will always be a mainstream society, one that ridicules and excludes the thought of change and is developing towards The Deterioration of the Free World.


Even now the biggest companies in our world exploit a great number of people to serve the few at the top. The implementation of sweatshops to maximise profit and cut a great deal of expenses has seen a media backlash. The idea that Nike and Adidas pay 20 cents an hour for someone to work on hundreds of pairs of shoes. Is that the world you want to live in? A world that exploits the poor, uninformed and weak?



We have the power to change this, if we lobby, petition and fight against this injustice then we can see a real change. The government won’t change this situation, because it serves in their best interest as politicians to ignore this in order to retain funding and the support of these huge companies and control the free world. Collectively, the people have the power. Instead of continuing to buy the ‘new pair‘ or ‘the new style‘ we should be comfortable paying less for clothes that we actually like or feel comfortable in.


Social Media: The Shark of the Internet


The evolution of social media has also come with its pros and cons. The pros are that we can share our experiences online and communicate with virtually anyone from your home, office or even from another country. But in all its glory, there are flaws to the addiction that is social media. Many of us can’t function in the day without checking Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, on these platforms people can be subject to cyber bullying. The absolute bane of the Internet. Today we have seen higher rates of depression from electronic devices than anytime in the past 10 years. So with this increasing statistic, how can we change?



Well people aren’t just going to change instantly, there will always be bullies online. But if we were to disconnect from social media or even better talk to people about the issue. Great websites that deal with cyber bullying include – ReachOut, KidsHealth and StopBullying. If we learn to stop relying so much on our devices and learn practical skills that will benefit in the future, then maybe we can benefit in the future. In the British Sci-Fi Television Series Black Mirror, the theme of social media is explored in one of its latest episodes. In the dystopian society, everyone is based on their ‘social rank’ which forces positivity and fake kindness as seen throughout the episode. The real scary thing is that this could become a reality, we must learn that sometimes critical arguments need to be brought through negativity, and sometimes its only through that way that we can succeed.


Our society will always be a progressive one (hopefully), but to progress we need to learn how to think differently and creatively. We can’t just rely on our standard ways to guide us through this dilemma. Today we see a society that is unparalled, with a high saturation of ‘fakeness’ online with forced positivity and a huge bias from popular media outlets. We must stop idolizing those who don’t deserve it and focus on the people that truly are creating real and positive change in our ‘free world’. We must stop being influenced by those around us and learn to think for ourselves, cultivating the individual character and stopping The Deterioration of the Free World



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