The Invaluable Guide on How To Travel Cheap and Easy Around the World!

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The Invaluable Guide on How To Travel Cheap and Easy Around the World!

While you’re young, money is scarce; ok its less than scarce, most of the time it’s nearly non-existent! This can prevent you from taking risks and actually pursuing the things that you enjoy and want to do while you’re young, because as we all know, that time can go past very quickly. So to make the most of it we suggest that you travel! It’s a great way to meet new people, gain perspective and challenge the way that you think, however money can often be an issue for young people. So today we present to you the Guide to Travel Cheap and Easy while you’re still young.



How to Budget

Budgeting may be a new concept for you. As a young person you may have never had had to plan out and record your payments and transactions. But guess what, keeping a record of your money is a sure plan to have an enjoyable trip and is also a vital life skill to learn in the future.


When travelling you should keep a record of your payments, apps such as Wally, Level Money and Unsplurge are all great ways to keep a personal budget and record your financial situation while overseas. While these applications may allow you to access to a range of services, there is still a limit to what they can do, so we will give you a run-down of the important steps.


Travel Cheap and Easy


Keeping track of your expenses and income is a must when travelling and if you don’t have an income try to create one. Travel blogs, photography, tours and backpacker jobs such as café work are all great ways to earn a passive income while travelling. Some forms of income will require you to establish roots in a certain spot for a while, but then you’ll be able to connect with the community and make new friends more easily.



Make a Daily and Weekly Report

Creating a daily report of your net income and expenses is fundamental. This can show you if you can stay travelling, or if you should think about starting to find new ways to make money. If you are continuously losing money, see how long you can last (with this guide of course) and how you can stretch out your daily spending to ensure more time on the road. At the end of each week also see how much you are losing/making and make decisions. See if you can stay on your path, or if you have to adapt to create a new source of income, or ultimately if you have to return home to secure your financial wellbeing. If you follow this guide and stick to your weekly allowance, then you’ll be free to travel cheap and easy around the world for a long time.


Travel Cheap and Easy


Organise and Evaluate

Before going on any trip you have to make sure that you assess your situation and plan out ahead before time to prevent any trouble or strife when getting to your destination. Honestly evaluate how much money you can spare (taking loans SUCKS! Use whatever money you have) and how you can use it to have a great time. If you don’t have enough for yourself, then you have two choices. Pool together with friends, gaining support in numbers, or go on a limb and hope for the best when you get there. Sometimes the most fun you’ll have when getting to another country is the low budget decisions and experiences and what you take out of that.


Also consulting with friends and family can be a good decision. They can give you a different perspective from your own and help you to make the journey possible. If you’re planning to go with friends or more people then get together well before the travel date and decide if you want to plan out the whole trip, or simply go along and see where life takes you – I believe the latter is more fun!


Travel Cheap and Easy


So before heading on any trip make sure to plan and organise because “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Realise how much money you have and how you can use it effectively to have the best time possible.



Getting to Your Destination

 Nowadays travelling over a long distance has become far easier and cheaper with the rise of the commercial discount airline. Many travellers have found that flying with these easy and cheap airlines is the way to go when travelling to different countries due to their low prices. So the first rule of business is to now book your flight/train/car trip. Book the cheapest option! Taking the trip there will not be a memorable experience if you choose to splurge an excessive amount of money for a flight, however a cheap plane with friends can turn into an unforgettable and funny memory to share with others.


Travel Cheap and Easy




Hitchhiking is a touchy subject, but most people seem to get along fine with it. Personally I’ve never tried it but there are thousands of blog posts and videos out about it, so get informed. Also – know the situation – be smart about it. If you know you’ll be in a ‘dodgy’ area or out late at night in a zone you know nothing about then you might want to find accommodation. Head back out tomorrow morning and get cleaned up before heading to the next place! Hitchhiking is a sure way to travel cheap and easy when you’re in an unfamiliar country.


Travel Cheap and Easy


So when committing to a trip, make sure you have an idea of how you will get there and how much you will pay, when you travel cheap and easy it can be a blur! Keeping a record of the money you’ve spent is an essential aspect of budgeting for young travellers, however so many of you forget to actually do it 😉



Accommodation and Money Hacks

 When staying in a new city or town, make SURE YOU HAVE ACCOMMODATION – you do not want to be sleeping on the streets, you may be subject to theft if you have valuables on you in an unfamiliar area (most of the time you will be fine, but you should take caution). When you travel cheap and easy make sure that you don’t travel too cheap. Leave some money in reserve in case you run into any sticky situations. 



You may be able to find free accommodation with locals on sites such as CouchSurfing, Global Freeloader and Stay4Free are all easy ways to meet new people and stay for free – as well as knowing a local that is informed on your destination.



Staying in Hostels is also a great way to accommodate yourself and to travel cheap and easy. Staying in hostels also offers an extremely community driven vibe and is a great environment to meet new people and exchange tips and tricks as well as stories.


The newer hostels also are often misinterpreted. Many people associate hostels as dirty and unclean but as societal expectations progress, so the living conditions in hostels. We have found that most of the hostels are often clean and comfortable, with living spaces and accommodation for all ages.


Travel Cheap and Easy


So good ahead and stay in a hostel! Its honestly one of the easiest, cheapest and valuable accommodations that you’ll find when travelling to a different country.




Now Get out There!

 Now that you’ve shorted out all your other needs, and are sure that you have some money to spend, get out there! The best way to explore a city is to get lost in it, go out with friends for a fun night. Find something to occupy you and just soak up the culture.



Every traveller has a different ‘style’ per say, but the best travellers tend to spend the least (or most if they’re paid well), because they get the most out of it and know that the best way to experience a culture, is to live within it. 


Thats all for today on how to Travel Cheap and Easy – if you want to read more From Earth To Man then simply head back to our Blog or click on one of the links below:



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