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Blog traffic is the most important part of your site, if you aren’t getting traffic and no one is seeing your content then you aren’t reaping the rewards of your hard work. Getting traffic, views and regular viewers is a hard task, but through this simple one step strategy, anyone can increase their traffic.



Why do people click on your site? Do you cater towards a specific audience, or do you tailor the needs of all, the everyday consumer? Do you write upbeat posts, short stories or do you write about toasters and how to fix your dishwasher? EVERYONE HAS A NICHE! Your niche defines your site, what you are providing to your viewers is an essential step to increasing traffic flow. Your need to analyse and inform yourself on what your writing provides viewers. You must solve the problem that the consumer has – whether that’s providing entertainment, working on something together, fulfilling a job or uplifting the consumer.


Getting traffic can be broken down into 3 sets of criteria within this one simple strategy: PRODUCE EVERY DAY. Now you may be thinking, well of course that’s one way to get traffic, but one thing that so many people overlook is that it is the most successful strategy to increase traffic.





Quality vs Quantity


Excellence is not then an act, but a habit” If you want to produce content every day then you must be producing good quality content. The ideology that producing every day increases traffic is true, but if you can’t come up with any story at all then it’s not worth writing about something no one will take any interest in.


That’s where hard work factors in. You must work hard over the course of the day to search for good stories. Come up with good ideas and posts, you must prepare and plan what you’re going to write about before you begin writing.


Have a solid idea of what you want to achieve when you begin to write.



So is quality more important than quantity. Well, in most cases. But if you think of a photographers job it can relate to the work that you do. You may write 10, 20, 50 posts and of those only one of them will receive a good amount of traffic, but if you truly excel in that one post then you get an idea of what a post that draws traffic looks like, how it should be written and what topic you should write more about.


A breakout post is a term that is often given to posts that draw the attention of many – you need to achieve your own breakout post, at least sometime during the course of your time frame, or it may be time to change the theme and niche or your site.




Fan Base and Returning Viewers


When you produce at a constant rate, it means that you will or should have a reoccurring fan base. You want to keep a daily view count and attribute that to posts and/or strategies and advertising that you used that day. If you do this, then you can work out what posts prompt people to return to your site.


The importance of creating a fan base is also to enforce your SEO ranking. If you continue to get no clicks, then your ranking will become less and less, whereas if you post regularly and keep the content within a niche then you’ll be pushed up the ranks because people search your site every day.


If you establish your niche and fan base quickly then you’ll find that you generate more page views with every consecutive day. Also use free internet sources to your advantage – definitely use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google +, LinkedIn, and many more. You’ll find that you reach out to more people and that you’ll only be adding to your daily page views.



If you take a look at From Earth To Man’s social media outlets, then you can clearly see regular posting and a following that gains attention and insights. Also follow us if you haven’t already to receive frequent updates on the site and new blog posts.


So in essence, your fan base for your website is another critical part of creating a website that gains blog traffic with ease. If you establish your site on social media and other platforms, then you’ll almost instantly grow your websites traffic.



Working with Others


Another critical aspect of growing your blog traffic, is advertising. You can do this for free on your social media, but what’s better than actually showcasing your talent on the sites of other sites? You can appeal to another whole range of readers and will most likely gain more blog traffic from guest posts, shoutouts and brand advertising such as eBooks and YouTube videos.


Co-operating with others to gain your following is a critical part of growing your blog traffic. If you write another post on someone else’s website then it not only showcases your skill, but appeals and advertises your content to another audience that may not even be aware of your site.


Also, working on other sites shows the versatility that you possess as an author. If you can’t work with others to grow your blog traffic, then your website will not grow to its full potential. By working with others you can also get more posts on your website meaning that you can promote your own site more. Remember to always get the site you’re posting on to place a link to your site in a prominent place. If they don’t do this then the audience won’t be attracted to your site and will only see a good post by the site you’re writing on.


Doing guest posts and collaborating with others is an essential way to grow your website and is used by thousands of initial start-ups to grow their blog traffic. You must do the same, and you’ll definitely see how working together is better than working as an individual.



To summarise over todays post there is only one guide to growing your blog traffic – POSTING EVERYDAY – and this is then broken into three principles: a balance of quality and quantity, growing your fan base through advertising and the importance of working with others to grow your following. If you are able to execute all of these steps then you will grow your blog traffic and see the results and rewards of creating an awesome website.




That’s all for today! If you want to read more you can find more stuff to read below!

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