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We at From Earth To Man are an integrated community focused on travelling, a current affairs and our world. Here at From Earth To Man we aim to give the best travel advice and tips so that anyone can travel the world and experience the joy of travelling. While we are primarily focused on travelling, we also enjoy discussing meaningful topics and current affairs, challenging both problems and solutions in our world. To show our support for justice in our world we run our annual Justice Project, this year we have been working towards the Nauru Project, trying to help refugees in offshore detention centres in Australia - if you want to find out more about that click here. So feel free to leave a comment on our Blog or check out our social media to find out more. 

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The Nauru Project

The Nauru Project aims to improve life for those living within the Nauru detention camp. We aim to change the laws that govern in accordance to the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees and give more people looking for a home within Australia access. For too long have we been rejecting far too many refugees from the norm within developed countries such as Britain and America. From Earth To Man aims to implement change to give all those looking for a home within Australia a fair chance to receive one.

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Travel the World

If you are the adventurous type and want to get out there and travel now then we're here to help! We love to travel as well and want to provide you with the best travel tips and advice in order for you to get where you need to go at a cheap price and easily. If you're interested in From Earth To Man and want to learn more then stay and check out our other pages to get a scoop on all the information you'll need to know if you're travelling anywhere around the world.

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Our Blog!

On our blog at From Earth To Man we try to share daily views and opinions as well as outlining in small reports current affairs around the world. The blog is a place for us to communicate our thoughts and ideas to you and at the same time provide interesting stories and information regarding our world. Comment on our blog to suggest ideas for future posts on From Earth To Man.

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