5 Tips That Will Ensure Success in Your Life Instantly

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Ever feel like you’re just having one of those crap days where no matter how hard you try to remain positive or ‘look on the bright side’ things just don’t go your way? Do you ever feel like you need a new spark, something that will set off the success that you know you’re bound for? Look no further than this because today we have for you the 5 Tips That Will Ensure Success in Your Life Instantly!



Step 1 – Honestly Assess Your Situation

You’re not going anywhere; you’re stuck right in the same place that you were one, five or maybe even ten years ago and now you beginning to doubt yourself. You’re looking at yourself and thinking – what in the world am I doing with my life. That is the best possible thing that can have happened to you at this stage. Not only have you realised that you are just simply stuck in the mud but you feel the need to change it, you’re compelled to developing your situation.

I need you now to clean the room you are in, open the windows, turn the lights on, do what ever you can to make the place seem brighter and more fresh. You need to be feeling that you are in a popping and eccentric environment before you can change your old ways. Once you are in a place that you can say ‘I feel good here’ is the first step to beginning our process. Now sit down and start to plan out your situation, use whatever you want, a laptop, notebook or scrap book – just write your ideas somewhere. I am going to ask you 3 questions each that applies to a different sector of your life.

  1. Do I enjoy where I am in life now?

To this you must, I repeat must write down – No, I am not where I want to be.



When you are finished with this exercise you are going to take this piece of paper or print out your writing and carry it around with you to field as a constant reminder of your position.


       2. Where do I want to be?

Answer this question honestly, it can be about anything, any goal you have you must write it down, whether you want to get fit or get a new job I need you to write it down. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Set any goal, but make sure you are committed to achieving them. Now the final question is




    3. How Do I Get There?

To this you will write the most effective strategy, because you will (before answering the question) research how you can get from where you are to where you want to be. I don’t care if it will take 10 years of the process to get there, if it is the best strategy you must write it down.



Now that you have successfully answered all three of these questions I need you to make another 2 copies, one that you can put in a place that is considered your ‘lazy area’ and another next to your bed, the original you will carry around every day. This slip of paper will keep you determined, it will keep you hungry for that goal so that you can achieve it, and it won’t be a ‘you might achieve it’ or ‘you could achieve it’ it will be a ‘you will achieve it‘.


Step 2 – Wake Up Early every morning

If you continue to wake up at a normal time then you’re not changing anything, start to wake up earlier, but take your time you don’t want to immediately distort your whole sleep schedule, wake up 5 minutes earlier every morning until you find a reasonable time to wake up – personally I suggest 5:30 AM is the best time to wake up. It gives you time to accomplish your goals before the day has even started and can give you a positive mindset heading into your work day.

Waking up earlier will definitely allow you to get more done – you can work on your project, study, or go to the gym however make sure you accomplish something this is vitally important because if you don’t then waking up early has been a waste of time for you. If you need extra time to work on your personal project but can’t find the time to when you get home then this ‘wake up earlier’ hack will leave you with more time on your hands more now than ever.



The mornings are a good time to get fitness in, if this is one of your goals then it is highly recommended that you apply this to your life now! If you are to head into the day feeling like you’ve gotten work done then it will ensure that you are able to enter your day with a winning mindset which will result in success. You see life is all about your mindset and perspective – both will shape you as a person and the decision that ultimately seal or destroy your future.

I recommend also enforcing a penalty system for not waking up, this will give you further incentive to get up bright and early. An example of a penalty system could be something to do with cutting back on your favourite food, TV Show, club, etc.


Step 3 – You Want To Succeed? Every Step is  Closer To The Finish

To be successful is one of the most difficult things in our world today, with stupendous levels of competition the world can seem like a scary place if you’re starting out, but one thing that is essential to success is HARD WORK. If you’re working harder than your competition then you’re already winning. You need to find a motivation that you can work to, find your passion your love and pursue it. Cut off all distractions and make it a mission to get something done every day. You quit for one day on your dream then guess what, you’re not working hard, you’re lazy.



Sorry to get blunt but its true, you need to pursue your dreams every day with a hunger, a drive, a passion. As soon as you wake up you need to be thinking about what you need to get done to achieve something. Make sure to implement a disciplinary attitude towards yourself, you need to know when you are able to take a break, if you haven’t gotten your last 20 mins of work in then I’m sorry Jerry but I can’t go to the movies tonight, maybe some other time. Limit yourself – now you can keep going out with your friends and having a good time but make sure you complete working towards your goal, otherwise that piece of paper in your pocket right now means jack. 



Every step you take towards your goal is a second, a minute closer to living the life that you want to. If you’re not happy with your life at the moment then why do you continue to live it? Honestly we were given the freedom of choice to sculpt our life however we want, you must take the opportunity. Stop making excuses, and achieve your goals! Want to learn Chinese – then do it! Want to get a six pack – then do it! Want to start your own company – then do it! Stop limiting yourself to your current situation and get some work done. I can guarantee that you’ll feel better if you work towards your goal and accomplish something every day!


Step 4 – Feel Fresh! Eat Healthy, Look Healthy

Want to feel 100 per cent every day? Then make sure you feel good about yourself, eat healthily, shower regularly and exercise. All of these components are very important to feeling fresh and renewed every day. Most successful CEO’s follow these practices regularly and say that they help prevent ‘off days’ and can also be good for first impressions.

The important thing to remember when keeping fresh is to not over indulge in yourself – make sure you keep yourself clean enough, but not too squeaky. You don’t have to reapply cologne or shave every hour of the day, just make sure you feel fresh and ready to go. Drinking cold water and having a cold shower are great ways to ‘get up‘ in the mornings and can prevent depressions according to some sources.



In staying fresh you need to make an environment that you feel best in, organise your room or office, let some light in, draw some curtains just do whatever you want to do to make it feel a place that you will be able to get work done. Next set out what you have to do for the day and start to get work done, try to take less time off to ensure maximum efficiency, work may also take your mind off things and can help you focus.



If you eat healthy, you’re going to feel great, try to get in big meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you take less fatty snacks in between the day. Sources of fibre, protein and various vitamins are essential to look and feel good so make sure you eat plenty of the right foods. If you want to eat fatty foods then just limit yourself, try to eat less and less of the foods with high levels of sugar and find healthy alternatives.


Step 5 – Plan Ahead, Set Goals and Achieve Them

Before you start to dream ahead and imagine your life in 10 years, you must first plan. Planning is an essential step to realising your future. You must know what you can and cannot do and the necessary steps that you must take to be able to achieve your dreams. Set goals! Set small goals for a week to week basis so that you can measure your success to achieving your personal goals. In doing this you will also be able to realise if you need to work more or you can allow yourself to work less.



When planning ahead use a relative scale – this means understanding the position you’re in and setting realistic goals. If you’re 90KG don’t set a goal of reducing your weight to 80KG in three days – it just won’t happen! You want to be able to feel proud when you complete a realistic goal which later fuels you to more success.


Just remember that planning will result in success – if you fail to plan you plan to fail – set plans, set goals and go out and achieve them! Keep persisting and you’ll get there, just never give up!



If you apply these tips to your life right now, you’re on the right path to becoming a success. If you just remember to keep going and perserve through the hard times you can too be a success! These were the 5 Tips That Will Ensure Success in Your Life Instantly!


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